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Brookes Commercial

Oxford Brookes Business School Reception

ILM 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches & Mentors 2023


This ILM accredited course offers you the flexibility to study for your ILM qualification by attending half day online workshops while working with clients/volunteers, conducting your own guided reading and preparing assignments.

There are three mandatory units in this qualification. 

The first unit, 700 Understanding the Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring at an Executive or Senior Level  enables you to effectively contextualise coaching or mentoring practice at an executive or senior level. 

The second unit,  701 Undertaking Coaching or Mentoring at an Executive or Senior Level  will give you the tools and techniques to agree and establish a contract to coach or mentor individuals at an executive or senior level.

The third unit, 703 Reflecting on Your Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coach or Mentor at an Executive or Senior Level will enable you to review your own ability to perform effectively as a coach or mentor at an executive or senior level. 

Attendee CategoryCost   
Second instalment£1100.00[Read More]
Third instalment£1000.00[Read More]
Oxford Brookes Business School Reception

ILM level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring 2023


This ILM accredited course will be available as a remote blended course including 10 online interactive webinars plus online study and library resources. 

Our ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring is a highly-engaging and interactive online programme, which provides opportunities for delegates to practise their coaching and mentoring skills.

The core aim of the programme is to enable delegates to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours as a coach and mentor. Delegates will also learn how to effectively manage the coaching and mentoring process and develop an understanding of how the organisational context can affect coaching or mentoring.

The course is delivered as a series of online workshops, which equate to 5 full days of training. Online training sessions are also supported by individual and group supervision sessions (also online).

The suggested study period is around 8 months, (including assessment of all three modules), This is dependent on the participant’s accessibility to coaching and mentoring clients to complete the required hours for the practical assessment.

Attendee CategoryCost   
Discounted price£2025.00[Read More]
Full payment£2250.00[Read More]
Instalment 2£750.00[Read More]
Instalment 3£750.00[Read More]
Instalment 3 - discounted price£525.00[Read More]
Headington Hill Hall

Supervision Programme Stage 1


7-10, 13-16 March 2023 (8 mornings via zoom)  or

20-24 June 2023 (face to face)

Stage 1 of Oxford Brookes Supervision Programme 

This programme in higher professional development (Coaching Supervision) leads to:

- Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision

- Professional Accreditation as an Oxford Brookes Supervisor 

This programme in coaching supervision is designed for experienced coaches with an active coaching practice who already have a postgraduate qualification in Coaching, Psychology, Counselling or equivalent. The aim of the programme is to provide highly experienced coaches with an opportunity to extend their competences and skills into the area of coaching supervision.

Stage 1: Two months preparation during which participants undertake preliminary reading, reflection, peer-supervision and supervision practice. Followed by an intensive programme of eight half days via zoom (March programme) or 5 days face to face in Oxford (June programme) which provides an opportunity for participants to develop their own model of supervision.

*** Your application form must be submitted and approved before purchase of stage 1  ***

Attendee CategoryCost   
June 2023 - Stage 1 - Standard price£2395.00[Read More]
March 2023 - Stage 1 - Standard price£2100.00[Read More]
March 2023 - Stage 1 - Standard price - Instalment 1£700.00[Read More]
March 2023 - Stage 1 - Standard price - Instalment 2£700.00[Read More]
March 2023 - Stage 1 - Standard price - Instalment 3£700.00[Read More]
Replacement certificate£10.00[Read More]
Headington Hill Hall

Supervision Programme Stage 2


Stage 2: Two sessions (1.5 hours each) or three sessions (1 hour each) of individual supervision from the programme tutors on your supervision that will start after the intensive course.

These sessions will allow participants to receive individualised developmental feedback on their model of coaching supervision in practice.

Attendee CategoryCost   
Stage 2 - standard price£525.00[Read More]
Headington Hill Hall

Supervision Programme Stage 3


Stage 3: Assessment for Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision from Oxford Brookes University

The assessment consists of one written assignment: Description and analysis of the candidate’s model of coaching supervision.

Attendee CategoryCost   
Stage 3 - standard price£525.00[Read More]
Headington Hill Hall

Supervision Programme Stage 4


Stage 4: Accreditation as an Oxford Brookes Coaching Supervisor.

This stage is conditional upon successful completion of the assessment at Stage 3 of the programme. It will consist of an additional assessment that includes a written portfolio with the candidate’s analysis of two video/audio tapes: one of their ‘best’ and one of their ‘worst’ supervision sessions and an interview.

Attendee CategoryCost   
Stage 4 - standard price£1550.00[Read More]
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Help to Grow Management Programme


Help to Grow Management Programme. A collaboration between HM Government, the Chartered Association of Business Schools, SBC and Oxford Brookes Business School. 

For SMEs, a 12 week programme to build expertise and boost confidence across key areas for senior leaders. 

Join 30,000 senior leaders taking part in this practical management training programme accredited by the Small Business Charter (SBC).

The programme is 90% funded by the Government. The fee payable by participants is £750. If your company has to pay by invoice or in installments, please contact Jill Jones [email protected] 



Executing Strategy Programme


This programme is designed to address key challenges faced by senior executive teams.

A step up from the highly regarded Brookes Global MBA, this intensive face-to-face course provides a blend of practical yet intellectually rigorous interactive tutor-led sessions, that include case studies, team challenges, guest speakers and discussions.

Participants will come away with enhanced strategic knowledge and skills, as well as actionable insights for their own organisation. 

Upcoming Dates:

6 to 10 February 2023

Each cohort is restricted to a maximum of 16 people. The 5 day programme is held at Oxford Brookes Business School, Headington.

£1,000 introductory offer, minimum 2 people per organisation (normal price £3,000)

Attendee CategoryCost   
1. Executing Strategy - Registration (2 people)£2000.00[Read More]
2. Executing Strategy - Additional person registration£1000.00[Read More]
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Leader as Coach Programme


Leader as Coach: An online programme for leaders and managers who are looking to develop and embed a coaching culture within their organisation. Available as an accredited course (5 days) or as a non-accredited course (4 days).

Programme dates:

Day 1, Wednesday 1/3/2023
Day 2, Thursday 2/3/2023
Day 3, Wednesday 29/3/2023
Day 4, Wednesday 26/4/2023
Day 5, Wednesday 17/05/2023

Attendee CategoryCost   
Full Programme - Accredited Course£1440.00[Read More]
Non-assessed Short Course£890.00[Read More]
Headington Hill Hall

Supervising Groups and Team Coaches


This is a new programme designed to enhance your learning in Supervising Groups and Team Coaches. 

The cohort will consist of 12 people. You are eligible to participate if you have completed Stage 3 of the Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision, or its predecessor programme - Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Supervision.

Some experience in team coaching will be required as you will need to bring one case of team coaching for the practice part of the programme.

The programme will start with one month's preparation period with a learning buddy. 

Please complete the application form on the Supervising Groups and Team Coaches website before purchasing your place on the programme

Attendee CategoryCost   
May 2023 programme - Stage 1 OBU staff registration£1078.00[Read More]
May 2023 programme - Stage 1 standard registration£1437.00[Read More]

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